Environmental Policy

Passion for Human
and Car-life

As a specialized manufacturer of automotive DOOR MOVING SYSTEM, PHA will contribute to the local community and the country, and will become the best preferred company through customer satisfaction.

To this end, we will minimize environmental impacts from our products and activities, and will take the lead in preserving the global environment by implementing environmental protection and resource protection through continuous improvement.

  • 01

    By recognizing the importance of the environment, minimize the use of environmentally harmful substances and waste in all products and activities of the company, and promote reuse and recycling for natural resources and energy saving.

  • 02

    To confirm and comply with domestic and foreign environmental laws and regulations related to the company, document environmental activities, including environmental policy, implement and maintain them, and distribute and make them be acknowledged by all employees and, if necessary, external stakeholders.

  • 03

    In order to satisfy the environmental management system including the environmental manual, we will pursue continuous environmental improvement by establishing and promoting detailed targets to achieve education and training as well as environmental policy of employees.

  • 04

    As a leading company in the implementation of environmental management system, fulfill environmental responsibility and social responsibility to humanity.

The Future of The Automotive Industry

All employees of PHA shall fulfill the environmental management system in order to realize the above-mentioned environmental policy, and actively participate in the environmental management activities through endless improvement activities.

Environmental Certification Status